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About GW Fisher

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GW Fisher is a professional painter, illustrator, comic book artist and all around nice guy. He began his career in 1997 on the Bryan JL Glass (Ship of Fools, Thor, Powers) created Spandex Tights Presents: Black Spandex from Lost Cause Productions. 

By the year 2000 after collaborations with Art Baltazaar and Franco on the satirical  Weirdsville  series at Blind Wolf Studios, and a half dozen appearances in the popular anthology series Digital Webbing Presents, GW began an 18 year convention career, guesting over the years at virtually every major North American Comic Con. 

By the mid 2000's GW was juggling between 15-20 Cons a year, a thriving commission business, and a full time career in Law Enforcement. So quite naturally he then took on the inking chores for Image Comics' The Intimidators, and several months later moved over to one of Image Comics' flagship titles,  ShadowHawk, inking over  the legendary Jim Valentino.  

In 2008 GW retired from Law Enforcement to begin pencilling/inking for Peter Mui at Yellow Man Ink on a series of Marvel Licensing Projects thru the company. He retired from full time Convention touring in 2017, but  continues to attend small shows and produce commission and comic related material thru the present.

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